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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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longest games in major league history and we will tell you what they got out, it is all ahead on the fuse news. >> come -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, it is april 30th, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark, steve is right over there, you were concerned about the heat or the wind. >> the heat will be coming in behind that tomorrow and it has been pretty hot and it will be a warm windy week. we still have some 80s and we will hear more on that here is sal. it is a nice looking drive and also this morning, we are looking at the commute in san francisco, northbound 101 on the way to downtown.
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>> let's go back to the desk. a woman is accused of a poisoning attempt. here to tell us now how a starbucks store was targeted, janine? >> that woman was spiking drinks at a starbucks, the one on santa theresa just opened up and employees helped track down the woman responsibility. >> reporter: police say a customer noticed a woman walk into the starbucks and remove two bottles in a bag and replace them in a case of items. then the woman left the store and the employee noticed a toxic smell. they noticed rubbing alcohol was inside and they had
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recorded the woman's license plate down and they tracked her to a home four miles away, they arrested 50-year-old woman. police believe she acted alone and they are investigating a motive. now police will be holding a news conference this morning and we have reached out to the corporate offices to see if they are doing anything as a precaution. we have not heard back yet. police tell us there is no further danger to anyone and we will have much more on the next hour of the news. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating a deadly shooting last night. an unidentified vehicle was found near parker and stray bullets hit a transit bus and may have even hit a nearby
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home. nobody on that bus was hurt and so far no arrests have been made. we continue our coverage in the stabbing death of 8-year- old leila fowler. authorities will not rest until the person who killed her is brought to justice. the stabbing happened in valley springs and so far there are no suspects. leila fowler's brother found her and her parents were at press conference but they were too upset to speak. >> as you can imagine they are quite distraught about the whole incident. >> extra patrols are continuing into the area and a vigil will be held at her cool. they will have a report from the coup attain don't forget you can always get the latest on this story and us also fine
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details of what has been set up, under web links. palestinians say a man was a 29-year-old police officer who was killed while riding a motorcycle. they targeted an islamic militant who was involved in a reason attack on southern israel. today's attack was carried out by israel since the november cease-fire. and syrian state television is reporting that a powerful explosion in damascus has killed 13 people an injured 70 others. the group believed to be behind the increasing number of attacks in damascus will be coming up. >> that he have manhunt for
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christopher doerner back in february. two officers were shot near big bear during that very tense standoff. doerner shot and killed himself ending a rampage that left four people dead and many others wounded. mexican authorities investigated a deadly attack when the boat sank. they found negligence on the boat and the crew for not providing a safety orientation for passengers. they are getting ready to close starting in june. the marin independent journal reports the beach and parking lots will be replaced and the work is expected to be finished in november. it is part of a project aimed at reducing the flooding in
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that area. . tara moriarty joins us with more on this record-breaking game. >> reporter: it is amazing to see fans were only getting out of here only three hours ago and although he this game lasted really long, somehow it didn't drag. [crowd noise] [crowd noise] [applauds] >> scored! >> 19th inning and we are finally going... >> reporter: brandon moss hit a home run with two outs in the bottom of the 19th inning and that gave them a victory, a but at least they won, they were on the field for 6 hours and 30
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minutes. it is interesting to talk to one of the diehard fans and one even got hit by a baseball. >> 17 innings and i even caught a ball with my forehead. >> this is the longest game played at the coliseum and the absolute longest was back in 1980 when the chicago white suvl1sl0 socks played -- white sox played milwaukee. white sox won just incase were you wondering and coming up, there was a game that had more innings and we will tell you what it was. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> that is so wild, the a's won. >> time now 5:07 sal, you love baseball and would you have stayed, wouldn't you? >> i would have stayed but i would my two cups of coffee in
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each hand. incase you are just joining us, traffic is off to a start and we will look at 880 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems when you get to the toll plaza and when you get there, you will notice there are no major lane obstructions on the span. also northbound 280, that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. at 5:07 let's go to steve. in your younger days you would have stayed. >> a little cooler today and just -- i mean hot, temperatures are just 80s, 90s and today is that in between day, some patchy fog, but all attention goes for the red flag warning, and north and east bay should take the bulk of it.
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high fire danger 60 miles per hour and it also means a more, northeast wind so take your pick. half-moon bay is 46 and some patchy fog there but i found more towards monterey and santa cruz and south around pebble sound. the high clouds come through and that will be it. patchy coastal fog, not much, very windy tonight, temperatures come down today, not a lot, a little bit, 60s and 70s and upper 80s, still rather breezy for some and we will take that wind and give us temperatures in the 90s, it looks like things are starting to come down and it will be much cooler sunday and monday. >> all right, thank you, steve, coming up next, new information on the boston marathon case, what was found on one case that
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could turn the case upside down. and we are just hearing about a new sig alert and they expect traffic to be backed up on one major freeway and we will tell you where it is and what it will do to traffic. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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. we have new information on the boston marathon bombing. they found female dna in one of the bombs that went off and they say it could have come from a spectate error from a clerk who sold the bomb making materials and they also say it could have come from a female accomplice. now agents left the family home of the widow tamerlan tsarnaev. they were carrying samples of catherine's dna. her attorney said she knew nothing about it and is doing everything to help. the lawyers representing the boston bombers are getting help from a prominent attorney. judy clark is representing them and has won cases where many are facing death penalties.
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as many as 13 people were killed in damascus syria. reporting from our washington d.c. newsroom, damascus is becoming a powerful target. >> reporter: according to state run television, take a look at this video we are just getting news of the blast. the explosion killed 18 people an injured 70. they are trying to take down president bashar al assad which increasingly have targeted damascus. this is after they had an assassination attempt and a car exploded near his convoy. he was not hurt but six people were killed. this as the united states continues to investigate the possible use of chemical weapons and how to respond if
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that is true. what defense secretary senator chuck hagel says when i see you next. and involving a multibillion dollar bailout, lawmakers are expected to approve a $30 billion deal about the international fun last month. a lot of people are angry because under the deal, they will take major losses on their savings in that country's two largest banks. we are learning more about a shooting that injured a driver in san lorenzo. he tells deputies that a man in a white car opened fire on him as he drove northbound 880. the victim said the shooter may have been targeting his cousin who was in the passenger seat but took off after the
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shooting. later this morning, they pled guilty to misusing money and used it to fuel a gambling habit. today a judge will receive recommendations from a probation report and the two set a date for his sentencing. he faces up to one year in jail. a lawsuit which could show the burning man. organizers are suing and that's where the festival fell. the county tried to get him out and it could raise the cost but up to $800,000. well the odds in vegas are picking 49ers to win the next super bowl. this year they lost that heartbreaker to the baltimore
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ravens. now they are 6- 1 to win the next super bowl and this comes after the nfl draft in several we want to check back in with sal, how is it going so far, sal? sal, we can't hear you, it is that again. not the battery again. >> hello, can you hear me? >> i feel we are doing a very important commercial. >> well, we are having audio problems, it is going in and out, steve, let's get over to the map there. how is the weather steve? >> all right, toss it. >> steve paulson is here with the weather. >> oh, my gosh, you have to give me a heads up. we have weak system but the real story is we get a little bit of a west wind and patchy
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fog and once that system goes through, high pressure builds and fills it with wind and that will all be tonight, win advisory 6:00 p.m. and there is still a doesn't president. whence tie it will be widespread. we have a northeast went and then we have our red flag warnings out and that start tonight into tomorrow and today is a little bit cooler, some 50s on the temperatures, and a couple of reports of some patchy fog and we are down in monterey. but to the south of that and a little in monterey bay so if you have some, i don't think it will last too long. 48 in ukiah and fog city, l.a. san diego, up to santa barbara,
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they are getting the fog. mostly sunny, patchy coastal fog, very windy tonight and it will be out of the northeast and 60s and 70s and 80s, temperatures come down after the upper 8 at to lower 90s, -- 80s and lower 90s, things start to cool down sunday and monday. thank you steve, european markets mixed so far this morning and they are closed with gains overnight. south korea finished the day more than 1%. hong kong was up as investigators followed the lead. now checking in on our market all three major u.s. markets reacted to better than expected pending home sales in march and they start trading in record
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territory at 1593. well apple is doing something they have not done, they are selling bonds. they sold 2 billion in-debt and investigators are happy to get interest with the highest credit rating and it's a way to not in to your tacks. a community comes to the and the warning some 0 are sending to other homeowners. a 1-year-old is facing charges, and he is facing it down a ventilation shaft. now you can send it straight to your cell phone, you can text the words "wake up" to 70123.
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. welcome back, time now 123, three people are hurt after two planes collided. one plane killed the pilot who was the only person on board and the other plane made an
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emergency landing at a nearby golf course. the teenage boy who fell down a shaft could now face charges. the 16-year-old fell down an old military bunker after trying to break in. firefighters had to cut through a steel barricade placed over the entrance to get the teen out. the teen broke his arm in the fall and may now face charges of disorderly conduct, destruction of government property and trespassing. they are coming together to help a family that lost almost everything after a clothes drier went up in flames. she left the drier running when she went to pick up her kids from school last week and came home to this. now a relief fun has been set
5:25 am
up. >> my nephew said it is the worst day of our lives and i said or the best day of your life, it didn't happen when you were sleeping, we will rebuild and move on. >> 15% of fires start in clothes dryers and often because they don't clean out the hint hoses which can cause fires. the u.s. preventive task force said people should get a one time screening for the virus that causes aides and women should get testing during pregnancy. but high risk groups should get tested at least once a year. stamford researchers have a way to find who maybin fit most
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from math tutoring. all the kids saw improvements in their math scores but saw 198%. the mris say similar size in one part of their circuitry and one part of their brain. no link between the student's improvement and their i.q.s. very interesting. >> let's check in with sal, unfortunately there is a stalled big-rig, is that okay? >> westbound 80 off ramp. the two right lanes are blocked and they are issuing a sig alert and keep this from richmond to berkeley. let's go out and take a look at northbound 208, this traffic looks -- 280, we are off to a very good start and the morning commute is moving nicely on southbound 680 as you pass mission boulevard.
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let go back to steve. a few high clouds are coming down and the bigger story is tonight. red flag warning all starts at 6:00 p.m. and it is a little bit cooler and 80s and 90s, 60s and 70s and we will get to that shortly, pam. two carjackings in the north bay, the disturbing discovery after they made discovery last night. plus the new improved way, people are getting on board with president barack obama's healthcare and the search continues for the killer of an 8-year-old girl, what investigators are saying and how the girl is being honored tonight.
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. good morning, it is tuesday april 30th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. it is going to be hot all week. >> yes, maybe record highs, we are already 15 degrees above average and the coast is not in on it yet but they have a system coming in, in about five minutes. traffic looks good heading to the toll plaza and i want to
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mention eastbound 80, there is a few stalled vehicles and traffic is back up. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise, let's go back to the desk, 5:30. a scary story, an oregon man is accused of carjacking in sonoma county. they found several hundred bullets, a loaded rifle in a truck he was driving before the carjacking. police arrested him in green bray and he pointed a rifle at a woman and demanded her truck shortly before 7:00. he is also accused of pointing a gun at a man just hours earlier and both of those victims escaped. his mother says he suffers from mental illness. and the investigation continues after a fire is started in hayward. it started at an apartment
5:32 am
complex on cyprus avenue. the 76-year-old woman was trapped in a bedroom. the neighbor and her husband tried to rescue her, but they could not get to her, both were treated tore inhalation. president barack obama is making a significant military announcement and this follows the announcement by matt michaelia talking about getting credentialed for civilian jobs before they leave the service. they will making that announcement along with vice- president joseph biden's and his wife. and a nuplex on -- and lick occasion -- application. the new marketplace also start
5:33 am
signing people on october 1st for coverage which begins january 1st. they will be presented with an annual report which tracks complaints against police officers. it releases an online report and according to the report, it fell by 7% compared to 2011. the report reinstates a policy of documenting the race and ethnicity of everyone detained and searched but not arrested. an updated proposal is now excluded cyclists. earlier the municipal transportation agency is giving more access to bicycle riders which caused an uproar and tonight they will be holding on
5:34 am
the latest improvement project. >> it started at 7:00 last night and ended at 1:40 this morning. the a's fans got two games in one. tara moriarty is joining us live at the oakland coliseum right now and what a place to be, tara. >> i know, what a game, right? >> reporter: the lights are still on at the oakland coliseum and many were wondering if it would ever end and brand on it moss nailed it. >> it is scored cleared. >> moss hit a home run with two out in the bottom. now moss got the customary pie and then moss said he was too
5:35 am
tired so he did it himself. now it went on 6 hours and 32 minutes and we spoke to some of the diehard fans. >> we have been here since 6:30. >> it was a great game, it went back and forth and it was worth every cent to be here >> now this was the longest game and the absolute longest was back in 1984 when that game lasted longer. there was a game went 26 innings back in 1920 and that was the brooklyn dodgers against the boston braves and the game was called off because of the dark although the
5:36 am
shortstop begged the ump to play one more inning that way he could say i played 3 games in one day. in. in. >> bay area critical game between the denver and the nuggets coming up at 5:45. >> did you see them, they must have been prepared. >> well, some people wear pajamas for an entirely different reason. just up the road, west 80 we have a stalled big-rig blocking two lanes which is bad for richmond. if you can get on surface roads
5:37 am
and get on the freeway after that road, you would be fine but there are no major problems after the toll plaza and you can see traffic is light getting into san francisco. northbound, in san jose, driving to downtown and getting into the valley, let's go to steve. i walk around in my pajamas once in a while. >> a little cooler today, tomorrow, everything says windy and warmer weather, patchy fog, a west wind and it will be an offshore breeze and that means a red flag warning is out, i think it will be everybody and they seem to usually take the bulk of the wind and we'll see how this all shakes out but it
5:38 am
is widespread but they all start and temperatures are in the 50s and we have cool win and we have mostly 50s and the westerly breeze is not much of a component and it was 18 last hour. we have just a hunt of a -- hint of a sea breeze and patchy coastal fog also into monterey bay and it will not last long. our reek says -- eureka says 35, and on the coast it is socked in with a lot of low clouds and fog, the winds will come through and it is a little cooler and the winds tonight, 60s and 70s and 80s some are coming down from yesterday's highs. temperatures will turn right around and come backup, and it looks more likely on friday,
5:39 am
cooler weather moves in over the weekend. continuing coverage of an 8- year-old girl, leila fowler. authorities will not rest until the killer is brought to justice. the stabbing happened saturday but so far there are no suspects. he saw a man running from his home before finding his sister. leila fowler's parents were at a press conference but they are too distraught to speak. >> investigators are contacting registered sex offenders in the area and they are not saying if she was sexually assaulted. now our reporter just arrived.
5:40 am
coming up they will talk about this event planned. >> we have seer yours accidents accidents involving pedestrians and we have a theory about those drivers and how they sometimes done face consequences. >> if he is not playing in the nba, it does not become the circus it could be. if he does play, it will be a defining moment in the nba. >> reaction from the nba after a big announcement. good morning, highway four, we will goat that coming up.
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. cooler today and still the big news is tonight when we get a red flag warning, 60s and 70s and 80s and then very warm tomorrow. here is a quick look at some of the top stories, a san jose woman is accused of placing tainted bottles of orange juice on snell avenue and san jose. a test found that the orange juice contained rubbing alcohol. also tonight, a vigil is planned to remember an 8-year- old girl stabbed at her home. leila fowler was killed in her home and so far there are no suspects in the case. and in baseball, a record- breaking game at the oakland coliseum last night or early this morning, mosque hit a home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 19th inning. yes, the a's won 10-8 over the angels and the two teams were on the field two hours and 32
5:44 am
minutes. backpacks will be banned from the upcoming beta race. bombs were hidden in back passing and security staff will be turning anybody away not formally registered for the race. greg said extra officers will be monitoring the course. >> we are actually talking about activating those officers who are recruit officers who are in the academy and passed the halfway point and we will be tee employing them. >> soled lid trans cans will be replaced with sea through bins -- see through bins as a precaution. many will take place on howard street may 19th. an nba baseball player is coming out and saying he is
5:45 am
gay. he is the first athlete to come out and say he is gay. he said the boston bombings prompted him to come out publicly and so far he is getting a lot of support from fellow players. >> i think it is fantastic that he is taking on such a powerful and influential role as a spokesperson. >> he is now a free agent center for the washington wizards. a southern california woman is planning a multi- million dollar lawsuit after the outbreak at yosemite. she claims she got sick with the virus. see said she needs the money to pay her medical bills.
5:46 am
and it also shut down part of theville lamb. there is a new study that says they rarely face consequences. the majority of drivers were not hit even if they hit somebody in across walk and even if they were charged, they were not charged. they don't file charges because the jury often sympathizes with the drivers. the mother of audrie pott is now speaking out about her grieve. sheila grabbed an interview with the mercury news. she is the girl who committed suicide after an alleged assault. pictures later showed up on campus. the girl's grieving mother said
5:47 am
the family has been unable to sleep and call is the tragedy painful beyond words. car roll sign itberg is aiming it at i am grant workers. it would make it a crime to thrown report immigration and the second calls for more foreign contractors to protect them from scams from owing more money then they -- than they can payoff to contractors. game 5 for the opening nba playoffs, 3 games to 1, warriors could move to the next round of the playoffs if they win tonight. and after game 4, stefan cure
5:48 am
are you is ridiculous. now ktvu channel 2 morning news' fred is in denver and will cover the game and will have all of the updates right here enmews news throughout the day including later this morning and you can get all of the information on our channel 2 website >> i love that fred is there. he is always fun to listen to. sal, how is traffic? >> and we talk you had about this stalled big-rig west 80 and that stalled big-rig is going to be blocking one of the lanes there and the traffic is going to be a mess as a matter of fact it is already backing up into richmond and this truck may have to wait for a tow truck to get out of there and
5:49 am
that is causing some problems. also the commute is causing problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and they are stuck in what we just talked about. and the morning drive, this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. let's go to steve. thank you sal, a little change, some catchy coastalel fog. red flag warnings go until 6:00 tomorrow and gusts 50s to 60s are possible and we have a high fire danger as well. i think it will be widespread not just north and east bay but temperatures will be going up and the wind advisory and red flag warning, they will not see the light of day tomorrow. 46 and patches of fog down in
5:50 am
santa cruz and generally, we have a lot of 50s and the winds have been slightly windy and that fog, unless you are right there. that is about the only impact it's going to have. higher impact will clean up and mostly sunny, patchy the photograph call fog -- coastal fog, 60s and 70s, down a few degrees from yesterday, it only lasts one day, in fact it is very windy, it toes look like a little cool town. they don't need the $20 million bid to become the next owner of sprint nextel. dish network is offering $25.5 billion for all of the u.s. wireless provider. sprint offered from last october and that deal needs approval and soft bank expects
5:51 am
that deal to close. they will focus on a single step. they will sell the steak on the bickest independent mobile phone and they will raise $75 million and that deal is expected to wrap up by the end of june. and travelers should expect to pay more. that is good news and they are in such demand. rates are increasing so much that they are looking for more affordable rooms and they are allowing theirs to boost. a possible break in an attempted bay area kidnapping, the new lead about a man who tried to kidnap a two-year-old girl from outside of her home. plus the photo about having a ball is being shown on the
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5:55 am
where an attempted kidnapping of a two-year-old happened last week. a similar suv was seen just minutes before the man grabbed the toddler friday afternoon. investigators are hoping the driver of that suv may have seen what happened. the child's mother ran after the suspect before he dropped the girl and ran away. police have also released a sketch of the possible suspect. he is described as being in his 30s with blond hair last seen where iing a blue shirt and jeans. michael jackson's wrongful death case was filed by his mother. they say that jackson hid his deepest darkest secrets and the firm was not aware that michael jackson was using the powerful
5:56 am
anesthetic propofol. they ended negotiations with the coliseum last week and now the team says they don't think they owe the colony money. after the coliseum authority they claim the team has not paid $7 million on back taxes on parking it collected. the chair of the coliseum authority said they had no idea that was why. a's cut off contract talks. >> i don't know if that particular provision and the money associated with it is the sticking point. .. >> now we have documents that show back in october the a's will pay tickets going forward but they could be subject to arbitration origin corporate it to a five year extension in their lease. they snapped a photo of
5:57 am
herself in fennway park in boston. this is a photo of kelly nash. she said she didn't notice a stray ball almost bobbed her in the head until she actually looked at the photo. although it is possible to fake a photo like this, people say this really happened. even though nelson said they are not buying it. >> it looks doctored to me. i like to believe people. sal, i believe you, though. >> the thing is, it is bright light and the shutter speed on that phone makes it possible. the shutter speed means it would freeze the baseball and you don't think the ball would be blurry. >> it looks like it would have smacked her in the back of the head. i think it is possible. good morning everybody. >> let's look at the commute.
5:58 am
northbound 280, traffic does look good and on the sunole grade passed mission, that traffic is moving well and you can always talk about this and anything else we are talking about. hit us up on twitter, let's go back to the desk. the alleged plot to poison customers at starbucks. why police say she was not interested in coffee. plus the expanding search of a killer of an 8-year-old girl, how the community plans to honor her memory tonight. good morning, a little cooler today. more changes on that today and tomorrow in two minutes.
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6:00 am
. a community is paying tribute to an 8-year-old girl stabbed over the weekend. witnesses are stepping forward to help find her killer. a red flag warning is kicking in and we will have


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